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Squirrel – The Basics

Squirrel is like ClickOnce, but works. This intriguing thesis made me wanna know more. By coincidence, I got the opportunity to spend the last few days fiddling with Squirrel. Squirrel is an install and update framework. It comes in a few flavours, for Mac, Windows, and iOS. In this post we’ll focus on Squirrel.Windows, the

Electron, From Web to Desktop – Part 1

Some time back I kicked the tires of Electron. I really fancy the idea that you can use web technologies on your desktop. With this mindset I decided to try out Electron. In this first post in a series of Electron posts, I’ll create a small and simple desktop app using Electron. In this first


The last year or so I have had a growing wish to try myself of as an entrepreneur and become a freelancer. Time has come, and from January 1st I have started my own business. The name is madSkills. I am so pleased that this is finally taking off. I am so much looking forward

Ionic Denmark

In this post I’ll outline how I became organizer of Ionic Denmark, and why this is such a good idea. In a work-related context I recently had the opportunity to get chance to play around with Ionic. And it was love at first sight. There are so many aspects of Ionic, that I find

Creating A Custom Log Handler In scriptcs.rebus

In the latest release of scriptcs.rebus, it is possible to receive the log entries from a remote script execution process. On the client side you can define a number of log entry handlers, and specify at which log level they should receive the log entries. Out of the box there is a console log handler,

scriptcs.rebus 0.6.0

I’m really excited to finally announce the release of scriptcs.rebus 0.6.0. The 0.5.0 version was release back in November 2014, so this release has been under development for some time. This release is feature packed, its the version with the most new features since 0.1.0. It is a major step towards 1.0. It has

Azure IIS Logs in ElasticSearch

In a work context we have been working on creating an internal logging framework. This framework should be use by all projects, and provide both developers and the support team a nice status of all running applications. We currently have support for Serilog, which is using the latest durable ElasticSearch sink. Other types of logs supported are

NCrunch, My New Crush

This blog post is not about falling in love, being in love or love life in general. We fall in love now and then. Some love relations lasts a single night, some last longer, and even some lasts a lifetime. We fall in love, split up, find each other again, split up again, find

Migrating to Jekyll

For a while I’ve been working on migrating my blog over from Wordpress to Github Pages and Jekyll. What So, Jekyll is a static site generator written in Ruby. I uses a template engine called Liquid which supports a number of markdown flavors, as well as HTML. You can therefore write your blog posts in HTML or

So, Campus Days 2014…

Last week I had the opportunity to attend Campus Days 2014 in Copenhagen. A Microsoft hosted conference. In this post I’ll give my feedback on the conference and, in particular, the content. It was my first Campus Days conference, since Campus Days until this year had been focusing more on the DevOps/IT Pro facets.