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Creating A Custom Log Handler In scriptcs.rebus

In the latest release of scriptcs.rebus, it is possible to receive the log entries from a remote script execution process. On the client side you can define a number of log entry handlers, and specify at which log level they should receive the log entries. Out of the box there is a console log handler,

scriptcs.rebus 0.6.0

I’m really excited to finally announce the release of scriptcs.rebus 0.6.0. The 0.5.0 version was release back in November 2014, so this release has been under development for some time. This release is feature packed, its the version with the most new features since 0.1.0. It is a major step towards 1.0. It has

scriptcs.rebus 0.5.0

This release is coming very soon after the 0.4.0. It doesn't mean that I'm going to increase my release cycle, it's just that I have some new features that I'd like to share with you and there were things in the 0.4.0 that I wasn't satisfied with. What's New The following subsections describe the

Endeavours With

One of the most promising perspectives in scriptcs, in my opinion, is hosting. Basically hosting is the complete package of scriptcs, just put inside your own application. It can be pretty mind blowing to think about this. Hosting makes it possible execute C# scripts inside of any standard .Net application. With my scriptcs.rebus project,

ScriptCs.Rebus Moving to scriptcs-contrib

I've worked on ScriptCs.Rebus since the spring, and had a lot of fun. I have not received any feedback from users actually using it, so I'm basically coding in the dark. It's completely true, I've managed to sneak it in in some integration testing scenarios. During development of 0.4.0, I got in contact with

ScriptCs.Rebus 0.4.0

The last month or so I've been busy on putting the pieces together for the latest release of ScriptCs.Rebus. I'm very proud of what I managed to put into this release. This is the fourth release of my little scripting tool, and this post will focus on what's new in version 0.4.0, so if

ScriptCs.Rebus 0.3.0

Currently,  ScriptCS.Rebus uses MSMQ as transport mechanism. In the latest release of ScriptCs.Rebus, I’ve included support for RabbitMQ and console logging. RabbitMQ is a widely used and rock-solid messaging framework. In my original post, I outlined how to get started using ScriptCs and ScriptCs.Rebus in particular, I’ll therefore urge the reader to read that post prior to this one.

Introducing ScriptCs.Rebus

In a recent blog post I introduced the reader to the world of scripting with C# using ScriptCs.  I really love the idea of encapsulating boiler-plate code into a script pack, and be able to consume larger frameworks from simple scripts. One of my favorite frameworks is Rebus. Rebus is this lean and very simple service bus. It